Is Dual Nozzle mean you can print 2 colours at the same time?

No, The 2 nozzles share the same heating chamber.  Only 1 colour can be print at the same time.  If you want to print 2 colours or 2 different material, please refer to our product RBX02, the 2nd generation Robox.


Can I use 3rd parties filament?

Yes, you can use any brand of filament.  To obtain the best printing experience, it is recommended to use Robox SmartReel filament.  There are other options as Robox Selected Filament which is not on SmartReel.


Detect loaded filament

This function can be found from the setting page.  Enabling this function will allow printing start without detecting the filament has been loaded or not.  You may at risk that the printer printing air, that means the printhead, printbed and extruder keep moving but no filament come out.


What is Advanced Mode?

Advanced Mode is for experienced and with compatible knowledge users to operate AutoMaker.  The Advanced Mode contains much more operations which allowing the user to do, such as GCode command input.  If Advanced Mode is enabled, your Robox warranty maybe void if any fault occur due to improper operations.


Axes can’t be moved by pressing the arrow on the screen of AutoMaker

Only in Advanced Mode, the axes can be controlled by users after Homing all axes.


Can I load a photo to AutoMaker to print it as 3D?

AutoMaker reads only .stl and .obj files.  Since a photo is not in either of these 2 formats, AutoMaker is not able to recognize a photo.  You may need to use 3rd party software to convert your photo to .stl and .obj file first.


Can I print all kind of 3D models?

Basically all .stl or .obj format 3D models can be printed, but you still need to consider the basic principle of FFF/FDM printing theory.


Can Robox print metal?

No, Robox can’t print metal nor metal-filled filament at the moment.


Can Robox print soft / flexible material?

Yes, Robox can print TPU filament.


Can I use other Power Cord instead from the one provided in the Box?

No, please always use the power cord come with the Robox.  All Robox should connect with Power Source with proper grounding wiring, otherwise you may damage your Robox and warranty will be voided.


Can I save the data in the SD card and put to Robox to Print?

No, all the prints need to be sent from AutoMaker.


Can I use any combination of materials to print on the same model by RBX02?

Robox can handle any combination of materials.  However, consideration should be focused on the materials properties whether the intended two materials are able to bond together or not.


During purge material, the filament is not ejected in a straight line but like a curly hair shape.

It is normal that the ejected filament is not in a straight line.


During purge material, the middle portion is not sticking on the bed. Only both ends stick to the bed well.

It is normal.  We want to make it easier to remove the residue after purge material routine.